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Kamalesh Naran,

Business Transformation Consultant

The program was highly practical with interactive live sessions, allowing for valuable insights from instructors's experience. I appreciated learning the distinction between financial modeling for FP&A versus private equity, which I hadn't understood before. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have no regrets about attending every session

Carlos Tamaklo,

Finance Professional, Tech Enthusiast

I learned a lot from your presentation and the shared files. I am currently working as a Budget and Forecast Analyst and the experience shared is valuable. The cases discussed were awesome and practical. I can proudly say that I am more capable now of performing my job with ease. I will certainly join some of your future programs soon. I have also recommended your program to some of my colleagues as well.

Aramide Osague,

Senior Financial Analyst

I really enjoyed the Program. Especially the practical examples and scenarios shared. The hands-on practice in class was particularly helpful for me, as it allowed me to apply what I've learned. Even though I don't often work with cash flows, revisiting them in class brought back memories and enhanced my understanding. Learning new formulas like goal-seeking and scenario manager was also valuable. Overall, I give it a hundred percent—I feel confident and grateful for the wonderful teaching.

Jenny Dai,

FP&A Manager

I was a participant of Batch 4 of the Financial Modeling for FP&A Program. I found this program incredibly helpful. The models, especially the scenario demonstrations, were immediately applicable to my interviews where I had to build a financial model, helping me advance to the next interview round. Overall, I really liked the program and the curriculum.

Aakash Keswani,

Finance Manager

I found the session to be highly practical, especially regarding the cash flow statement and financial models. The formulas learned will save time not just at work but also in other areas. I feel confident in immediately applying these concepts, including goal seek and scenario panning in my role.

Dennis Kasuku,

Investment Analyst

Financial modelling has become crucial for me in my new role, and I'm grateful for the insights gained from the business model canvas, which greatly improved my business analysis skills. The sensitivity analysis and financial modeling techniques have been instrumental in my work, particularly in analyzing portfolio companies. While there's a lot to cover in limited time, the pre-class videos help in preparation, making class time a valuable recap and opportunity for deeper understanding. I highly recommend this program.

Olapeju Sanusi,

Manager, Finance Advisory

One of my key takeaways from the course was learning best practices for financial modelling, including the importance of differentiating assumptions from formulas. I also appreciated the hands-on practice during class, which allowed me to improve my Excel skills and learn more about complex functions. Overall, I found the program valuable, with major insights gained in these areas.

Swathi Anantharaman,

Lead Accountant

Entering into financial modelling and FP&A for the first time seemed daunting, but after going through these sessions, I realized it's manageable with the right guidance. Your approach made it easier to understand, especially with the hands-on scenarios presented in real-time during class. Your patience in addressing queries and clarifying doubts has been invaluable, making the learning experience smoother. Thank you for your time and for simplifying the classes for us."

Festus Audu,

Finance & strategy

Joining this program was a midway decision for me, but it turned out to be highly beneficial. I aimed to reinforce my understanding of financial modeling from an investment banking perspective, and these sessions helped me distinguish between valuation and other aspects. Learning about the business model canvas provided a comprehensive overview of businesses, even those I hadn't encountered before, while exploring different revenue models expanded my understanding beyond my current environment. These were key learning points that have greatly impacted my perspective.

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