Done For You Ratio Analysis Template

We understand that learning to analyze financial ratios can be a daunting task, but fret no more! We have developed a DFY template to simplify your financial analysis process.

The DFY Ratio Analysis template is designed to save you time, effort, and headaches. Just plug and play the P&L and Balance sheet and automatically calculate the Ratios.

The template includes:

Operating Margin, PBIT Margin, PAT Margin, Networth, Working Capital, Current Ratios, Debt to Equity Ratio, Return on Equity, Return on Capital Employed, Fixed Asset T/O, Inventory T/O, Inventory Holding Period, Debtors T/O, Average Collection Period, Creditors T/O, Average Payment Period, Current Assets T/O, Working Capital T/O, Operating Cycle, Networth T/O, Interest Coverage Ratio and more....

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